Ivvenalis Saturae
edidit brevique apparatu critico instruxit
Michael Hendry 2000-2004

Liber I: Satura 1 Prefaces: Editing Juvenal (2000)
  Satura 2   Technical Notes (2000)
  Satura 3  

This is a reformatted version of the first edition (2000-2004) of my on-line text of Juvenal’s Satires. Except for the correction of a few typographical errors, accents and breathings on the three Greek bits, and the addition of these two paragraphs, the substance is the same, but the formats are much prettier. Anyone who doubts the ugliness of the original formats, particularly on today’s wider screens, may see them by clicking here for the old index page (not too bad) and then selecting any satire from there (ugly!).

I will soon be unveiling my work on a second edition, with a fuller apparatus including many new conjectures (some mine, some not) and omitting (or at least removing from the text) a few of the old ones that no longer please. It will be done as part of QLTP, for easy reformatting, and will be accompanied by a public on-line textual-interpretative seminar (not a MOOC but a POTIS), in which I will present my Adversaria in blog form, and invite comments and suggestions for the improvement of the text and interpretation of Juvenal.

October 4, 2013

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