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January 07, 2005

Another Classics Blog

I've just added Campus Mawrtius to the blogroll, having run across it (them) on Rogue Classicism. So now there are at least seven classicist blogs, with nine bloggers, since CM is run by an anonymous triumvirate. Time to start planning an APA session, or has the deadline already passed (for sessions, I mean, not papers)? I suppose I should also add a category for classicist web-journalists, just for Victor Davis Hanson's site.

Comments are still disabled, but I am still hopeful that that will change soon, possibly even this weekend. Progress may be invisible, but it is happening.

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For APA-Goers: A Plea

I probably should have thought of this earlier, since the APA is already in full swing.

If anyone there is reading this, I would very much like to get hold of a set of 20%-off sale catalogues from the various presses. I once paid a graduate student I didn't even know $30 or $40 (I think it was) for a complete set, but even a partial set would help. I'm particularly interested in the catalogues from Cambridge, E. J. Brill, Michigan/Saur, Harvard, Princeton, and Yale. (People tell me that if I rejoin the A.P.A. I can get 30% off on Oxford titles year-round. I plan to do so very soon, so a sale catalogue from them would be superfluous.) There are others I wouldn't mind having, and I'm not at all interested in the purely archaeological publishers. Please e-mail me ( if you can help me out, and specify whether you would rather be lavishly praised on this blog or PayPal'd some spending money (in addition to the postage, of course). In the latter case, lowest bid wins. I'll post an update when and if I have someone lined up.

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