Edidit breuique apparatu critico instruxit
Michael Hendry
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This page contains a virtual edition, with select apparatus criticus, of the Latin verse of Claudius Claudianus (approximate dates 370-404). Individual poems may be found using the indices listed above. The first lists them in the logical groups I have used to put them in separate files. The second (not yet ready) will list the poems by genre: panegyric, invective, epithalamium, and so on. These two are for browsing. If you are looking for a particular poem, you can use the other four indices to find it by title, by first line, or by the number in the now-standard edition of J. B. Hall (Leipzig, 1985) or the older edition of Th. Birt (Berlin, 1892). The Loeb numeration is essentially the same as Hall's.

Other than this page and the prefaces, I have put everything in Latin, to make the page more ecumenical. Eventually, I hope to provide alternative front-ends in other languages.

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