Forthcoming Work in Classics

Last Update: February 25, 2006

1. Introduction

Note: This is rather out of date, and will be revised as I procure the necessary information. Please let me know of anything that should be added or deleted.

It seems useful for scholars to know what others are working on, particularly when the projects are long-term. I hope this list will help to discourage wasted effort and encourage cooperation among those who are working along the same lines or on related subjects and may not know it. It is confined to editions and commentaries, since these are more interchangeable than interpretative works. That is neither a compliment nor a criticism, but a statement of fact: two apparatus critici or line-by-line commentaries on the same work will inevitably overlap to a very large extent, at least if they are competently done, while two interpretations may easily have nothing at all in common. It is therefore unfortunate that some of Ovid’s Heroides, to take one example, have received as many as three commentaries in the last decade or so, while others (4 and 8) have gone more than a century without one. Similar lists of historical, archeological, and other non-literary works would also be useful, but these are far outside my area of expertise, and I have no plans to add them any time soon: others are welcome to do so. On the other hand, I do include translations, especially if they are annotated.

I estimate that a complete list (whatever exactly that means) would be two to four times larger than the one printed here. I will be contacting publishers and series editors to fill in the gaps, and hope to add more over the next few months. However, additions and corrections from readers are more than welcome. Please send them to: It would be best if these came from the authors themselves or (perhaps even better) from representatives of the various presses. Please do not pass on rumors about what others may or may not be working on, or lay claim to some project yourself unless you are fairly certain that you will finish it — assuming a normal lifespan, of course. Most of the current information is from representatives of the presses, references to forthcoming works in books and articles, and from the web-pages of the various authors’ universities.

In the publisher column, ‘(?)’ means that I have no information, while ‘——’ means that the author has specifically informed me that no definite arrangements have been made. No negative conclusions should be drawn from the latter: in at least one case, more than one publisher is interested. I have included commentaries being written for dissertations (‘diss’), as long as I am assured that they will be published in book form in the relatively near future.

Some of the Cambridge ‘green-and-golds’ are too far from production for the editors to be publicized, so I have listed them with the author as ‘——’. This indicates that Cambridge has someone working on the text, though it may be a long way from complete, and it is not certain that the work will be completed.


ARCA Classical Texts, Commentaries and Monographs, Francis Cairns (Publications) Ltd, Leeds
ArP Aris and Phillips (texts with facing translations and commentaries usually keyed to the translation)
CCTC Cambridge Classical Texts and Commentaries (the big orange ones)
CGLC Cambridge Greek and Latin Classics (the little green ones - purple for Late Antiquity)
FLV Fondazione Lorenzo Valla (Greek or Latin texts with facing Italian translation and notes, published by Mondadori)
MnS Mnemosyne Supplements (published by E. J. Brill, Leiden)
OCG Oratory of Classical Greece (complete translation in approximately 15 volumes, published by Texas, general editor Michael Gagarin)
OCT Oxford Classical Texts
PhAnt Philosophia Antiqua series (published by E. J. Brill, Leiden)
SGLG Studia Graeca et Latina Gothoburgensia

2. Greek

Early Greek Mythography, Vol. II (commentary: Volume I, text and introduction, came out in 2001) Oxford R. L. Fowler (Bristol)
Continuation of F. Jacoby, Fragmente der griechischen Historiker Brill Charles W. Fornara (Brown)

Homer and the Homeric Hymns
The Homeric Hymns: A Selection CGLC N. J. Richardson (Oxford)

Greek Lyric
Greek Lyric Poetry: A Selection CGLC F. Budelmann
Pindaro, Le Olimpiche FLV ——
Pindaro, “Nemme” (=Nemee?) FLV ——
Pindaro, I Frammenti FLV ——

Supplices (edition with select textual notes, in English) SGLG Pär Sandin (Gothenburg)
Agamemnon (commentary) (?) G. T. Cockburn (Durham)

Ajax CGLC ——
- “introduzione e commento di Massimo Vetta - testo critico a cura di Guido Avezzu' e Andrea Tessier - traduzione di Guiovanni Cerri”
FLV varii
- “introduzione e commento di Giuseppe Zanetto - testo critico a cura di Guido Avezzu' e Andrea Tessier - traduzione di Guiovanni Cerri”
FLV varii
- “introduzione e commento di Giovanni Cerri - testo critico a cura di Guido Avezzu' e Andrea Tessier - traduzione di Guiovanni Cerri”
FLV varii
Edipo Re
- “introduzione e commento di Oliver Taplin - testo critico a cura di Guido Avezzu' e Andrea Tessier - traduzione di Guiovanni Cerri”
FLV varii
- “introduzione e commento di Francis Dunn - testo critico a cura di Guido Avezzu' e Andrea Tessier - traduzione di Bruno Gentili”
FLV varii
Philoctetes (new edition) CGLC ——
Edipo a Colono
- “introduzione e commento di Giulio Guidorizzi - testo critico a cura di Guido Avezzu' e Andrea Tessier - traduzione di Guiovanni Cerri”
FLV varii
Oedipus at Colonus CGLC P. E. Easterling (Cambridge)
Frammenti (2 vols.) FLV Guido Avezzu'

Alcestis CGLC Michael Halleran (U. Washington)
Bacchae CGLC ——
Ion CGLC John C. Gibert (Colorado)
Ion (translation) Focus Timothy Boyd and Caryolyn Higbie (U. Buffalo)

Poetae Comici Graeci 3.1: Aristophanis comoediae undecim DeGruyter R. Kassel and C. F. Austin (Cambridge)
Aristophanes, Comoediae OCT N. G. Wilson
Aristofane, Gli Acarnesi
- “a cura di Roberto Pretagostini, traduzione di Dario Del Corno”
FLV Roberto Pretagostini
Aristophanes, Knights (text and commentary) Oxford Jeffrey Henderson (Boston U.)
Aristofane, I Cavalieri
- “a cura di Bernhard Zimmermann, traduzione di Dario Del Corno”
FLV Bernhard Zimmermann
Aristofane, Le Vespe
- “a cura di Massimo Vetta, traduzione di Dario Del Corno”
FLV Massimo Vetta
Aristofane, La Pace
- “a cura di Dario Del Corno”
FLV Dario del Corno
Aristofane, Lisistrata
- “a cura di Franco Perusino, traduzione di Dario Del Corno”
FLV Franco Perusino
Aristofane, Pluto
- “a cura di Giuseppe Zanetto, traduzione di Dario Del Corno”
FLV Giuseppe Zanetto
The Fragments of Attic Comedy (translation) (?) Jeffrey Henderson (Boston U.), D. Konstan, R. Rosen (U. Pennsylvania), J. Rusten, and N. Slater (Emory)

Translation and commentary —— Peter Green (U. Iowa)
Histories, Book I CGLC ——
Histories, Book II CGLC Phiroze Vasunia
Histories, Book III CGLC A. H. Griffiths (London)
Histories, Book IV CGLC Stephanie West (Oxford)
Histories, Book V CGLC ——
Histories, Book VI CGLC ——
Histories, Book VII CGLC C. Carey (London)
Erodoto VII FLV Aldo Corcella, Pietro Vannicelli
Histories, Book VIII CGLC A. M. Bowie (Oxford)

The Peloponnesian War, Book I CGLC Jeffrey Rusten (Cornell) and John Moles (Durham)
The Peloponnesian War, Books IV-V.24 (?) P. J. Rhodes (Durham)

Laches (text and commentary) (?) David L. Blank (UCLA)
- Greek text with detailed philosophical and philological commentary
—— David J. Murphy
Symposium (?) C. J. Rowe (Durham)

Select Writings on Government
- Hieron, Lacedaemonion Politeia, [Athenaion Politeia]
CGLC Vivienne Gray (Auckland)

Greek Orators
Aeschines, Against Timarchos (translation and commentary) Oxford Nick Fisher (Cardiff)
OCG 3: Aeschines Texas Christopher Carey
Hypereides (commentary) Oxford David Whitehead (Belfast)
Lysias OCT Christopher Carey

Hellenistic Authors
Apollonius of Rhodes, Argonautica I (commentary on the first half of the book, in German) (?) Burkhard Scherer
Apollonius Rhodius, Argonautica II. A Commentary MnS? Martijn Cuypers (Leiden)
Apollonius of Rhodes, Argonautica III (two more volumes to complete his commentary on Book III) MnS Malcolm Campbell (St. Andrew’s)
Callimachus TbS Luigi Lehnus (Milan)
Callimachus, Aetia (text and commentary, 2 volumes) Oxford M. A. Harder (Groningen)
Kallimachos, Epigramme, Kommentar diss Ulrich Hamm (Bochum)
Cercidas (text and commentary) Oxford F. Williams (Belfast)
Theocritus, Idyll 2 (commentary) (?) A. Lellou (London?)
Theocritus, Encomium of Ptolemy California Richard Hunter (Cambridge)

Philosophy after Aristotle
Theophrastus, Fragments on Doxography, FHSG 224-45 (commentary) E. J. Brill Han Baltussen (Adelaide)
Pseudo-Theophrastus, De Signis (text, translation, and commentary) PhAnt David Sider (NYU) and Carl Wolfram Brunnschon
Fragments of the Early Stoa
- This aims to replace von Arnim’s Stoicorum Veterum Fragmenta (1903-5)
—— J. Mansfeld (Utrecht) et al.
Epicurus OCT D. Sedley (Cambridge)
Philodemus, On Poems II Oxford C. Romeo
Philodemus, On Poems III-IV Oxford R. Janko (Michigan)
Philodemus, On Poems V Oxford D. Armstrong (Texas)
Diogène Laërce (Lives of the Philosophers) Budé Tiziano Dorandi

The Greek Novel
Longus, Daphnis & Chloe CGLC E. L. Bowie (Oxford)
Heliodorus, Aethiopica (translation) (?) Nick Lowe (London)

Life of Alcibiades (commentary) (?) T. E. Duff (Reading)
Life of Brutus CGLC John Moles (Durham)
On Love CGLC F. Brenk

Imperial Prose
Appian (2 vols.) OCT K. Brodersen
Dion Cassius (2 vols.) Budé François Hinard
Pausania, Guida della Grecia IX: Beozia FLV Mauro Maggi, Massimo Osanna
Pausania, Guida della Grecia X: Delfi e la Focide FLV Mauro Maggi, Massimo Osanna
Libanius, Oratio 59
- Others are at work on volumes containing 11, 12-16, and 17-18
Budé Pierre-Louis Malosse

The Greek Anthology
An Anthology of Early Hellenistic Epigrams CGLC Alexander Sens (Georgetown)
Asclepiades of Samos, Epigrams and Fragments (critical text, translation, and commentary) Oxford Alexander Sens (Georgetown)
Meleager Oxford Kathryn Gutzwiller (Cincinnati)
Marcus Argentarius, Epigrams (text, translation, and commentary)
- There will also be a chapter on the Latin prose fragments preserved in the Elder Seneca, since they are probably by the same Argentarius.
—— Michael Hendry
Lucillius, Epigrams (text and translation) —— Bradley Nystrom

Grammars, Encyclopedias, Scholia
Apollonius Dyscolus, On the Pronoun diss A. U. Schmidhauser
Etymologicum Genuinum (?) Klaus Alpers (Hamburg)
Geoponica (?) R. H. Rodgers (Vermont)

3. Latin

Roman poets of the late Republic and early Empire (edition and commentary) Oxford A. S. Hollis (Oxford)
New edition of H. Peter, Historicorum Romanorum Reliquiae (?) T. J. Cornell (Manchester), Christopher Smith (St. Andrew’s), and Edward Bispham (Edinburgh)
Fragments of Roman Mime (edition and commentary) —— C. Panayotakis (Glasgow)

Terence, Phormio ArP Robert Maltby (Leeds)

De Bello Gallico, Book VII CGLC Christina S. Kraus (Oxford)
Bellum Ciuile (?) Virginia Brown (Toronto)

Pro Roscio Comoedo diss Orla Mulholland (Freie Universität, Berlin)
Pro Caelio (?) Jane Crawford (Virginia)
De Oratore, Book III CGLC David Mankin (Cornell)
De Republica, De Legibus, Cato, and Laelius OCT J. G. F. Powell (Newcastle)
Academica Budé T. J. Hunt and Carlos Lévy
De Natura Deorum, De Diuinatione, De Fato, Paradoxa Stoicorum, and Timaeus OCT H. M. Hine (St. Andrew’s)
Tusculanae Disputationes OCT M. D. Reeve (Cambridge)

Opera Teubner C. E. Murgia (Berkeley)
Aeneid, Book XII CGLC R. J. Tarrant (Harvard)

Satires, Book I CGLC E. C. Gowers
Satires, Book II CGLC K. Freudenburg (Ohio State)
Odes, Book IV Oxford Philip Hills (Cambridge)
Odes, Book IV CGLC R. F. Thomas (Harvard)

Propertius, Carmina OCT S. J. Heyworth (Oxford)
Properce, Élégies Budé J.-P. Boucher
Propertius, Elegies, Book I CGLC J. Booth (Leiden)
Propertius, Elegies, Book III (text and commentary) —— J. L. P. Butrica (Newfoundland)
Propertius, Elegies, Book IV (text and commentary) CGLC G. O. Hutchinson (Oxford)

A Commentary on Livy Books VI-X. Volume III: Books IX and X Oxford S. P. Oakley (Reading)

Ovid, Amores (commentary) APA Julia Haig Gaisser (Bryn Mawr)
Ovid, Amores, Volume IV. A Commentary on Book III ARCA J. C. McKeown (Wisconsin)
Heroides Teubner J. B. Hall (London)
Metamorphoses I-III FLV A. Barchiesi
Metamorphoses IV-VI FLV G.-P. Rosati
Metamorphoses VII-IX FLV S. Hinds (U. Washington)
Metamorphoses X-XII FLV Joseph Reed (U. Michigan)
Metamorphoses XIII-XV FLV P. Hardie (Cambridge)
Metamorphoses, Book IV CGLC Alison Keith (Toronto)
Metamorphoses, Book XIV CGLC K. Sara Myers (Virginia)
An Analytical Onomasticon to the Metamorphoses of Ovid (?) Willard McCarty (King’s College, London)
Tristia, Book I CGLC S. E. Hinds (U. Washington)
Tristia, Book II diss Jennifer Ingleheart (Wadham College, Oxford)
Ex Ponto, commentary on all four books (?) Peter Knox (Colorado)
Ovid. Epistulae ex Ponto. Buch III-IV. Kommentar (Carl Winter) Martin Helzle (Case Western Reserve)

Text of the Satyrica OCT Gareth Schmeling (Florida)
T. Petronio Arbitro: Satyrica. Introduzione, testo critio, commento
- Volume I (I capitoli della retorica) came out in 1986.
(?) C. Pellegrino
Commentary on the Satyrica (?) Gian Biagio Conte and Mario Labate
Commentary on the Satyrica (?) Gareth Schmeling (Florida)
Commentary on the second half of the Satyrica (79-141) (?) Peter Habermehl
Commentary on the tale of the Widow of Ephesus (110.6-113.4) —— John R. Porter

The Complete Works of Lucius Annaeus Seneca, translated into English U. Chicago Elizabeth Asmis, Shadi Bartsch, Martha Nussbaum, David Wray
Epistulae Morales: A Selection
- Tentative list: 1, 7, 18, 24, 28, 33, 34, 47, 53, 54, 56, 71, 78, 86, 90, 114, 122
CGLC Catharine Edwards (Bristol)
De Clementia (translation and commentary) (?) Susanna Morton Braund (Yale)
Apocolcyntosis (commentary) (?) Mary Beard and John Henderson(Cambridge)
Sénèque, Fragments (?) Fernand Delarue (Poitiers)

Commentary on Book II (in German) (?) Henning Dreyling

Thebaid, Book XII CGLC Karla Pollmann (St. Andrew’s)
Silvae, Book II CGLC Carole Newlands
Silvae, Book V (text, translation, and commentary) (?) B. J. Gibson (Liverpool)

Liber Spectaculorum (text, translation, and commentary) Oxford Kathleen Coleman (Harvard)
Commentary on Book III (?) Bernd Hessen (Heidelberg)
Commentary on Book IV (?) Rosario Moreno Soldevila (Seville)

Dialogus de Oratoribus (commentary) (?) Steven H. Rutledge (U. Maryland)
Histories II (commentary) (?) Rhiannon Ash (University College, London)

The Younger Pliny
Epistulae, Book VI (text and commentary) (CGLC?) Roy K. Gibson (U. Manchester)

Metamorphoses I (commentary) diss Wytse Keulen (Groningen)
Metamorphoses X (commentary)
- The Groningen team (B. L. Hijmans, Jr., Heinz Hofmann, and Maaike Zimmerman) is also at work on three more volumes covering Books I, II, and IV.28-VI.24 (Cupid and Psyche).
  Maaike Zimmerman (Groningen)

Late Verse
Claudian, In Eutropium and In Rufinum CGLC J. B. Hall (London)
Claudian, Panegyricus de Tertio Consulatu Honorii Augusti (commentary) (?) J. Lehner
Claudian, In Gildonem (commentary) (?) Alan Cameron (Columbia)
Ausonius, Mosella, and Rutilius Namatianus, De Reditu Suo CGLC Gerard O’Daly (London)
Prudentius, Peristephanon (Selections) CGLC A.-M. Palmer
Prudentius, Peristephanon (historical and philological commentary) (?) John F. Petruccione (Catholic University of America)

Late Prose
Aulus Gellius Teubner H. Berthold
Minucius Felix, Octavia (commentary) (?) Rowland B. E. Smith (Newcastle)
Historia Apollonii regis Tyri (rec. A): A Literary Commentary (?) Stelios Panayotakis (Groningen)
Fulgentius the Mythographer (text, translation, and commentary) —— Gregory Hays (Virginia)