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February 26, 2003

Back On-Line

Apologies for the interruption in service. This site was down for the last three days or so because I forgot to renew my domain name. It should be good for another year now.

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February 18, 2003

Coming Attractions

Here are some things I hope to add to this site as I find the time:

  • The complete corpus of Senecan tragedy, with select apparatus criticus in the same format as Juvenal and Claudian. All ten tragedies are formatted, but I'm still adding the apparatus.
  • The rest of Claudian, starting with De Raptu Proserpinae. As with Seneca, it's just a matter of making up my mind about the constitution of the text and apparatus. Individual books will be announced here when they appear.
  • The list of Forthcoming Texts needs a complete overhaul, adding new projects and subtracting those that have been published.
  • I hope to experiment with recorded texts: users would be able to read the text while listening to an MP3 recording of it. Latin texts would be interesting, but Greek with the pitch accents even more so: I'm thinking of Iliad 1-7, Sophocles' Pollą tą Deinį chorus, and Aristotle's Hymn to Virtue to start with. Possibly to end with, too, since a little pitch-accented Greek goes a long way. Of course, displaying the Greek properly is a problem: I don't know whether sound files can be linked to Adobe Acrobat files. I can always display the Greek as GIF or JPG files.
  • I have compiled a Latin crossword puzzle suitable for students who have finished the first six chapters of Ecce Romani. This will go up soon.

As before, suggestions are welcome and may be placed in the comments.

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February 17, 2003


Over the last day and a half I have completely remodeled this site. The principal changes are as follows:

  1. The most important difference is that I have added this weblog function in the right column, using Movable Type 2.6. It will be used to announce additions and changes as they are made. Posts will be categorized for easy retrieval, so a reader will be able to read an archive containing all posts on (e.g.) Claudian without having to look at the rest.
  2. The weblog allows comments on any post. I hope to improve the site incrementally with the help of readers' comments.
  3. The arrangement and color scheme are mostly different, and will continue to change over time. Purely cosmetic changes will not necessarily be announced as they occur.
  4. The picture and dedication are gone for the moment, but will reappear when I add an 'About This Site' file. The old site can be seen at, if anyone prefers it, or wishes to compare the two.
  5. Lists of useful links are no longer in a separate page, but have been moved to the left-hand column. More will be added in the next few days.

I await your comments.

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