February 02, 2005


First, I'm not dead.

Second, I have just rented some space at Hosting Matters and will soon transfer this site there, since Earthlink can't seem to handle MySQL databases and Movable Type can't seem to handle comment spam without it. I will also be trying out Word Press to see if it's as fool-proof and (relatively) spam-proof as reputed. While moving, I'll see if I can improve the layout. I was dismayed to see how repulsive it looks on the wider screen of my new laptop. Finally, I have lots of big ideas for posts and pages after the transition, and comments will be on again.

In short, watch this space, and don't delete me from your blogroll if it disappears for a day or two. Did I mention that I'm not dead?

Posted by Michael Hendry at February 2, 2005 08:06 PM