July 25, 2003

Last Chance, At Least For A While

This is just to announce that I will be putting all my possessions in storage in two weeks, so anyone who wants to buy my spare books, CDs, or videotapes should do it soon. Just click on Books for Sale here or in the left margin. Don't forget to check under philosophy if you are intereted in Plato or Aristotle: I have a lot of commentaries, including (for instance) Bluck's Meno, not otherwise available on ABE. Since I'm hoping to move some stock, I'm offering special one-time-only conditions:

  1. Spend more than $75.00 and I will pay book rate shipping within the U.S.
  2. Buy at least nine books or CDs or tapes (any combination) at one time and the ninth one (the cheapest one, obviously) is free. Multiple volume books and multiple-CD sets count separately, so there may be some pro-rating and averaging involved. This offer may be combined with the previous one for additional savings.
  3. If you think a price is too high, make me a reasonable offer by August 8th and there's a fair chance I will accept it. Of course, if someone offers more, or offers full price before the 8th, you're out of luck.

Unless they are made in the next half hour, orders and inquiries will not be answered until late Sunday, when they will be handled strictly in order of arrival in my in-box. I have to go out of town until then. When I get back, I'll post an informal review of the Franklin Stage production of Euripides' Orestes, which I'm seeing tonight.

This site will now revert to its usual commercial-free state.

Posted by Michael Hendry at July 25, 2003 12:58 PM